Medical Hiatus & Book Schedule

Writing has always been there for me, it’s my outlet, my therapy, the tool I use to understand the world around me. Unfortunately I must take an extended break from it. If you’ve been following my story, you know I battled CFS/Fibro for four years and was about 80% recovered before I got hit by a major trauma in October that almost took my life. From that, I developed PTSD and my health took a turn for the worse. A few weeks ago I spent five days in the hospital undergoing tests on my heart because my heartrate would shoot up to 180 bpm when I tried to stand up. I’ve been officially diagnosed with POTS, though I understand it’s just another symptom of the nervous system dysfunction I’m experiencing from all the trauma. Now I must put all my energy into healing because this has gotten serious.

So, obviously Pet Psychic Book 5 is back on hold. But, DOG GONE (A Paws & Pose Mystery No. 3) will be out this Christmas, as it’s already written and just needs editing. After that I hope to finish a second psychological thriller.

There are beautiful life lessons in all of this anxiety, fear and uncertainty. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on those when I feel up to it. Sharing hope and gratitude would make me much happier than writing a post like this. So until next time … when I will hopefully have better news.




4 thoughts on “Medical Hiatus & Book Schedule

  1. Patricia

    Aww. So sorry to hear you’ve been facing such difficult things. I’ve been battling (and cancer since October so I know what it’s like to put your life on hold). Hang in there. Take care of you. We’ll all still be here when you get back.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Hi Patricia, so sorry to hear of your own battle with cancer. I hope you have lots of love and support around you and are on your healing path. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words.

  2. Jo

    I know you’ll get through this with wonderful insights to share! Keep that beautiful smile and feel better soon.

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Jo, you are one of the people I can’t wait to catch up with. Thanks for your positive outlook and faith in my recovery. It gives me strength to keep going. 🙂


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