DNA Evidence: Do Not Assume


“Beyond a reasonable doubt.”

These words are used frequently in our justice system. DNA is supposed to be the go-to evidence, proof positive that someone is guilty. Your DNA matches the blood or saliva collected from a crime scene? A group of your peers aren’t even going to blink as they send you to jail guilt-free and end their jury duty torture early. 

But wait. How does the saying go? Nothing is for sure except death and taxes?

Right. A group of Isreali scientists have discovered a way to fake DNA evidence, causing defense lawyers, crooked cops and pissed off biology students to jump for joy.


Oh, and crime writers, of course. Because if there is one thing we need it is one more way to frame the good guy.


5 thoughts on “DNA Evidence: Do Not Assume

  1. Anticrombie

    Not to mention the Chimera. Having two different strands of DNA in one person… Like they swallowed the essence of their fetal twin.

    And even without that, DNA testing is still prone to human error. Labs get mixed up, contaminated, cyphered wrong… I know other countries have interesting laws on the number of matching points, such as DNA+3 witnesses+shoe print = death.

    DNA + no witnesses = cake.

    As those are the only two options.

  2. soesposito Post author

    Oh, yes please mention chimeras! Then just maybe someone will be interested enough in the subject to read STRANGE NEW FEET. 🙂

    Cake or Death…sigh. It always comes down to the inevitable doesn’t it? Oh, speaking of death…have you seen the Dead Like Me movie? We watched it last night and it was really good. That is if you were a fan of the show?

  3. Anticrombie

    Did it have ‘dead’ in the title? Of course I was a fan!

    I hadn’t heard of the movie though. Thanks for the tip! I’ll go check it out now!

    Another resource for you: google ‘Church of Euthanasia” and look under their eSermons for ‘Butcher’. (I won’t post the link as I really don’t want to promote their site). It’s a nice little jaunt on the best ways to prepare a human for consumption. (Don’t worry, there are no pictures on that page, but don’t delve too far into the site). It has little gems like “for firmness of the meat and proper marbling, the best meat comes from Caucasian females in their early 20’s”, and “suggesting that a living human in captivity is ‘optimal,’ and to deprive them of food for 48 hours but make sure they get plenty of water”…


  4. garhar

    I actually left you a comment referring to “Strange New Feet” at the old place. You’ll have to get back to me on that…

    Otherwise, I’ll just be flippant and say, “dang, Israeli’s! As if they’re not the cause of enough trouble in the world today.”

    Now, I’m off elsewhere to be floppant. ;-p


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