4 thoughts on “Josephine is Live!

  1. Anticrombie

    Great story. Hopefully I chortled nervously out loud when I was supposed to. 🙂

    And unlike the idiots at Hollywood Pictures who decided it would be a great idea to list the tagline for the movie The Sixth Sense as, ‘I see dead people’, I will steer clear of going into any detail about the story. As any conversation will give away its foundation.

    And the artwork looks great – of course I would change up the font… but then again, that’s what I do for a living 🙂

  2. soesposito Post author

    Thanks for reading 🙂 Ha, I never thought about that tagline for Sixth Sense!
    This is one of my favorite stories…and subjects. Such a fine line between important research and human curiosity. If they can do something…they probably will.

  3. garhar

    And how well the excerpt played out into the short. That really did well on it’s own. Double kudos, actually.


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