Fabulous Flash Award

This cool little badge of recognition was bestowed upon me by the fabulous father of #fridayflash himself, Jon Strother. (Also a great writer!) I’m not the most prolific writer in the mass of talent out there, so getting recognized for my flash is like getting smacked in the face with a yummy lemon meringue pie–surprising, sweet, decadent and oh so satisfying!

Now to spread the love. Choosing four of my favorite flash writers is like trying to pick a favorite child, but these are people that I rush to read every week, even if I have to squeeze it in between breaking up toddler fights:

Karen Schindler –  Karen’s flash is saturated with  humor and sharp wit. And she does it every single week. I am in awe of her power. Do you remember pop-rocks? That’s your brain on her flash. Crackle, sizzle, POP! Just brilliant stuff. Go read her now! Follow her: @karenfrommentor

Mark Kerstetter – Mark is not just a writer, he’s an artist. I have a soft spot for artists who can write. I always push away from the table after finishing Mark’s flash full & happy, like I’ve had a full course meal & fed my brain.  He’s excellent at taking a non-fiction piece about an artist or writer and expanding it to create a story. Follow him:  @markerstetter

Cathy Olliffe – I admire Cathy for her ability to write real, honest to god characters. She writes with freedom and understanding and possesses this gift for description that makes me feel like I’ve slipped into the story. I can smell the pie and get wet from the tears. She makes me  uncomfortable, aware and in love with these people because they are so human. Follow her: @Matthiasville

Marc Nash –  Marc is the quintessential genius writer. His insight is sometimes blinding and always rewarding. Yes, most of the time he makes you work really hard for your supper (keep your dictionary handy) but if I had to choose a last meal, I would choose his. Follow him:  @ExisleMoll

Okay, now that I’ve made myself hungry, my work here is done. But I hope you will go have a flash fiction feast with these amazing writers!

5 thoughts on “Fabulous Flash Award

  1. karenfrommentor

    [that’s an appropriately grown up and erudite response right?]

    Thank you Shannon. I stand in awe of your work, for you to choose me delights me no end.

    *hugs Shannon*
    “I love Shannon”

    *rubs hands together- goes of to choose her victims….um…I mean nominees….*

  2. J. M. Strother

    It truly is like choosing your favorite child. You have no idea how I anguished over my four choices. But I was confident you would quickly spread the love to four other fabulous flashers. Excellent choices, Shannon. And terrific write-ups too!

  3. Cathy Olliffe

    I was at a novel marathon this weekend and I’m exhausted, truly exhausted, tired of writing, thinking that I wrote nothing but self-indulgent crap and truly appreciating people like yourself who can write an entire novel. So I come home and check e-mails and there is your tweet… I came here last night and seriously started bawling. It was the most unexpected, nicest thing that possibly could have happened. I was too verklempt to even say anything.
    I admire your work so much – this means so much to me, coming from you.
    So thanks. Thanks for the award. But mostly, thanks for reaching out and touching me when I really, really needed it.
    Now… for narrowing down four of my own choices… eegads….

  4. Mark Kerstetter

    I feel fabulous right now, but tongue tied. Shannon, you know how much I admire your work. This kind of support gives me the nourishment to serve up another dish. Thanks so much.


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