Ghost Hunting

One of my favorite things to do when I visit a new town is take the ghost tour. Recently, we visited St. Petersburg, where I promptly fell in love with the city and set my new sekrit mystery series there. So, since I’ve been hard at work on the novels instead of friday flash stories, thought I’d share some ghost pics with you in lieu of actual writing.

This is one of lots of photos I snapped inside an old hotel on the St. Pete tour. Just a regular picture, right?:

Upon close inspection, it seems like something or someone was watching us in the window:

How creepy is THAT face???  And, although I’m not a big believer in orbs, this one seems particularly out of place:

As a bonus, here’s a photo snapped in Nemacolin Castle in Brownsville, PA by my mom during a ghost tour a few years back:

And a close up of the mirror in that photo:

Hard to be a skeptic, right? Or do you see something different?

10 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting

  1. Cathy Webster

    That’s freaky! Thanks, Shannon, I’ll be thinking about that tonight when the lights are out! Sounds like you had a great time! Did you stop by Mark Kerstetter’s house and say hi?

  2. Anticrombie

    I want to believe!

    (unfortunately… i see exactly where the face came from) shucks.

    But keep your imagination going! Great fodder for stories!

      1. Anticrombie

        No…. it’s the picture of the palm in the corner. If you look at it in photo-negative, the outline of the face matches (so just the light areas are in the reflection).

  3. Lisa

    ……..Ahhhh……took me a minute,but then I recognized “Mr.Lace-Face”….ha ha!!! I think your next tour should be of Cassadaga, Florida…”The Psychic Capital of the World”………sure to get a mystery writer’s juices flowing!!!! Keep up the awesome work Shan!

  4. Jorge

    Awful spooky! I agree about Cassadaga, it is a must visit if you are into that kind of stuff. That one lady must have been really scared – her hair turned white!!!!!

    1. soesposito Post author

      Yeah, I actually just bookmarked that place as a must visit. Anyone up for a road trip???

  5. David Salisbury

    I don’t think it’s the curtain, look at the slope of the curtain compared to the slope of what’s in the mirror. Sometimes the simplest explanation fits… if it looks like a demon staring at you, it’s a demon staring at you! Thanks Shannon, love it

  6. Deanna Schrayer

    Right up my alley Shannon! We went to Savannah last year and, though we didn’t take an official tour, we did stop by some places that were obviously haunted. Then again, I’m more sensitive than most people to that sort of thing.

    Interesting I should read this now when hubby and I are arguing over where we’re going to vacation – he says St. Augustine, I say St. Pete. We’re supposed to go in only three weeks and still don’t have a room booked! Now I have more fuel for the fire. Thanks so much for sharing these spooky pics with us, I love it!

  7. deborahjhughes

    Great pics! How was the atmosphere? I’ve a bestie cousin living in St. Augustine so have been there several times. Haven’t taken the ghost tour yet but plan on it one of these days. Gettysburg is another big time “ghosty” place. Although Salem is way too commercialized it’s still fun to visit during the Halloween season.

    Most states have their own peculiar ghost stories. Maine has quite a few. I like to use these legends in my novels. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!


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