16 thoughts on “First Interview on My New Mystery!

  1. Sadie

    Congrats!! This book is fabulous and will just suck you in from the first chapter. I love everything from the exciting twists to slobbery Karma and all of the comical characters in between. I know you’re going to go far with your amazing gift too 🙂

  2. Karen McFarland

    Yeah Shannon! Congrats on your new book! I wish you great success!

    It must be such a great feeling Shannon. I bet you’re crawling out of your skin with excitement!

    Today’s your day!

  3. Louise Behiel

    Great cover – it has a strong message of the tone and story of the book. and the interview was well done. thanks for a chuckle or two. wishing you all possible success on your release.

  4. Jules

    I just found this on Amazon, and I really do want to read it. I love mysteries, I LOVE dogs, and so of course I adore dog-lover’s mysteries. However, one of the reviews on Amazon alluded to an ending that may not sit well with me.

    If the dog dies, I cannot read it. Cannot and will not. (I know, I’m wimpy and weird, it’s just how I am.)

    I know it’s inappropriate to ask, but if anyone could give me a clue as to, you know…should I or shouldn’t I? I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Hi Jules…don’t worry, I’m a dog lover, too so I could never kill off a dog 🙂 Karma lives

  5. Jules

    I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated getting a response! I’m about half-way through “Karma” and all I can say is…when is the next Darwin adventure coming out?!

    I love her, Darwin. She’s so smart and sweet and the whole pet psychic thing is great. More! 😀

      1. Jules


        I finished last night, I got teary-eyed (in the good way). I really liked it a lot and look forward to the second one. Thanks again, Shannon!


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