Dear Abbey…

It’s Monday! That means time for another question answered by moi, Abbey (see pic above, I think my mom captured my smart side)

Today’s question comes to us from Maggie and her human Diane Capri.  Diane is a best selling author with a license to thrill! (That must look pretty snazzy on your collar, Miss Diane!)

Maggie says:

“Dear Abbey, I hesitate to write to you because the object of my question is a pesky Yorkie named Abby. She’s coming to visit soon and she’ll stay six weeks. During that time, she wants to play with my toys and sleep in my bed and mostly, take all the attention. How can I get rid of her?”

Here’s a pic of Abby:

Abbey (moi) says: Hmmm. I’m not sure what weeks are but that sounds like a long time to have to share your toys, bed and human! Woof! I think you’re going to have to pull out all the stops. (You don’t know how to operate one of those car things do you? I once knew a dog who went “for a ride” and never came back!) No? Okay then.

I see that you’re holding up your paw. This is actually a very good trick to use to get your human’s attention. When you walk around, hold up that paw and look at your human with very sad eyes and if you can–throw in little whimpers. She’ll be sayin’ “Abby who?” in no time! (She does have a cool name, though. Maybe she’s not so bad if you give her a chance.)

If that doesn’t work…I know a cat who may be able to help you!

What about you? Have you had house guests that brought pets along? Share your…tales with us!

(*If you’d like to ask “Dear Abbey” a question, please send it to my mom: soespo (at) with a picture of your pet.)

10 thoughts on “Dear Abbey…

  1. Diane Capri (@DianeCapri)

    Thanks, Abby — I’ve read your note to Maggie (she’s not a very good reader, unfortunately). She especially likes the “take her for a ride” idea, but then she’s a little afraid of those Clemenza references! 🙂

  2. August McLaughlin

    What a crazy happy dose of cuteness!

    My bull dog Zoe is deaf, protective and completely uninterested in other dogs. A friend once brought his dog Spotty in unannounced while I was upstairs… I came down to see Spotty in Zoe’s dog’s grasp—and they WEREN’T hugging! Luckily, all pooches came out unharmed… We human folk, however, may have a touch of PTSD. 😉 Glad Maggie and Diane have a heads up!

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Yikes. I read on Prudence’s blog that if dog’s get in a fight, you should grab the back legs of each dog and pull them apart. i’m hoping to never have to do that.

  3. Karen McFarland

    I’m looking forward to seeing my grandogger this weekend. She’s coming for a visit with her owners. She’s an adorable Jack Russell and is such a good doggie. We should have a great time!:)

  4. Patricia

    Hi Sharon! Love the dog photos! I’m a sucker for a cute dog face.

    Yes I have had guests bring unexpected pets along. Fortunately my house is dog friendly. My own very large lab gets along well with other dogs, but unlike my friend’s dog, mine is housebroken. When I saw my guest’s dog peeing on my carpet, I almost screamed at it (which is what I would have done had it been my own dog). Instead, I asked him nicely if he would mind taking his dog outside next time she had to pee, then cleaned up the mess. Needless to say, he hasn’t brought his dog to visit again. Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing your “doggie” tail, I mean, tale.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  5. Pat O'Dea Rosen

    Abbey, I followed your advice to Maggie with interest until I got to this sentence: “If that doesn’t work. . . I know a cat who may be able to help you.” Enough with the demonization of cats, Abbey. Stereotypes hurt all animals. By the way, any chance you could convince Maggie to stop raising her paw on command? Where’s her self-respect? Sincerely, Smokey Rosen (typing one-pawed on Pat’s laptop while she fills my water bowl and tops off my food dish. What can I tell you? Cats rule.)

  6. Carol

    Pat, I know a cat who thinks it is a dog. She would bark when the door bell rang, rolled over to get her tummy scratched by the incoming guest and play fetch. She was protective of her human children and loved babies. Some things just come natural when it comes to being part of a family.
    I have taken in guest pets as well and know that when you get a pack they can really enjoy running over the house and taking charge of everything, not to mention marking their trail. . Good luck to Maggie. I know her human will see what a prize her Maggie is when the guests are gone.


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