Mommy Won’t Buy It

Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mother is truly hard work, so I don’t mind having down time to celebrate it for a day. Unlike my birthday, where it’s kind of embarrassing getting gifts just for growing older.

Speaking of time…when I think of what I would like for Mother’s Day this year, I think of time. I would like to freeze it; keep life square in this moment where my family is healthy and happy and we’re all excited about the future. Because, as we all know, change is inevitable.

So, since I can’t wave a magic wand and freeze time, I would love to test drive this baby:

Oh yeah! With this Cuisinart beauty I could chop, blend and puree myself into a food coma!  Here’s the funny thing, I could just buy one and be done with it but I haven’t. Then I realized there are things that I’ve wanted for years and just will not buy. Why is this? I mean, I bought myself a spirooli for crying out loud, but I won’t buy matching bath towels?

It got me thinking: What other things have I just refused to buy? So here ya go:


10. A real fruit bowl (Plastic tupperware bowl anyone?)

9. A mousepad ( Poor mouse.)

8. Replacement flowers for the ones that perished in our backyard landscaping two years ago. R.I.P.

7. A feather duster (Okay, I just may be being lazy here.)

6. New kitchen knives (Ours don’t cut anything harder than bread. And it better not be stale bread.)

5. A new vaccuum cleaner (All the duct tape seems to be holding it together just fine.)

4. Yoga blocks & strap (After seven years, I’m still using the nasty gym ones. Yuk.)

3. Luggage (The old beat up black Walmart one gets the job done.)

2. Aforementioned matching bath towels (We’re still using the mishmash of colors and shapes from combining our households eleven years ago.)

1. Socks! *

*When it got chilly this winter my hubby got tired of me stealing his socks and bought me some of my own. Sad, right?

So, fess up! What do you just refuse to buy? And would you want someone to buy it for you for Mother’s Day?

14 thoughts on “Mommy Won’t Buy It

  1. jmstrother

    There are all kinds of things I refuse to by, but now that I’m trying to think of them I can’t remember what they are. It’s heck to get old.

    Have a great Mother’s Day, Shannon.

  2. Coleen Patrick

    I love gift cards for places that I consider splurges–like Barnes & Noble (i will freely buy on amazon, but then that’s just a click, I like to walk around and browse at B&N!), Starbucks and hair/nail salons. These are all places that make me feel like I’m super fancy. Ha ha.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Yeah, gift cards are great because then you can buy stuff you wouldn’t normally buy and not feel guilty cuz it’s not “real” money. lol

  3. jansenschmidt

    Expensive perfune with a designer logo on it. I can’t justify spending that kind of money for a fragrance, but I do love to smell good. I usually get the cheap drugstore brands, but if someone were going to buy me some, I love Ralph Lauren perfumes.

    I say get the cuisinart! You can fix so many more healthy and flavorful meals for your family – who you love and want to keep healthy – in less time therefore you get your time gift too. See justification!

    Happy mother’s day!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Ha ha, I like your justification. And so true, I have so many healthy recipes bookmarked, waiting for when I get the cuisinart. No idea what I’m waiting for. I’ll make you a deal…you get yourself some Ralph Lauren and I’ll get my cusinart 🙂

  4. Julie

    I won’t buy myself fresh cut flowers even though I love them, or new socks when I need them (I have lots of socks with holes in them).

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Awe, Julie…go get yourself some fresh flowers! Isn’t it funny what we won’t “splurge” on? Like we’re not good enough. Socks, i understand. lol

  5. Louise Behiel

    Great post Shannon. a couple of years ago, I was looking at beautiful dinner table bowls – different colors and textures and sizes. they were gorgeous. then i walked away because mine were ‘good enough’. about 5 ft away I stopped and thought and realized my bowls were all shower and wedding gifts from 1968! they deserved retirement. LOL. I bought all new bowls and gave my old ones away.

    socks and undies are easy for me to buy – Living alone and I don’t like doing laundry, so get enough to do a big load of laundry once a month. yay for me – lots of socks.

    I’d have trouble buying the cuisinart, I must admit. but buying for me is one of joys of living alone. I don’t have to consider anyone but me….YAY

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Good for you, Louise! I read somewhere that we should use our “good” china everyday and not wait. Because everyday is special.

  6. Reetta Raitanen

    I’m really bad at buying and using make up. I’m also saving my best china for guests and I wear old frumpy clothes at home. They’re just so comfy and warm. I love second hand shops and tend to buy most of my clothes used. I throw socks with holes away, though, and get new ones for the whole family. Me and hubby share a shoe box since it’s more simple that way.

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with second-hand shops, at least you’re buying new (to you) clothes. That can be a real adventure. We share a shoe box, too…though, I should probably get my own since I get irritated when I find mine all over the closet floor after he searches for his. Now on the list.

  7. Deanna Schrayer

    Shannon, I could’ve about written this list myself – every single thing you mention are things I refuse to buy too. I mean, who in the world wants to spend money on a vacuum cleaner? Not me!
    I’m not your “typical” woman – I absolutely hate to shop, for anything, so it often takes my clothes developing holes before I’ll buy new. Pitiful…
    I hope you had a marvelous Mother’s Day!

  8. Karen McFarland

    Girl, I can’t believe I haven’t come by to see you since April. How are you? And how’s it going? Thank you so much for stopping by to see me this week! I know how hard it is to see everyone Shannon. But it was great to see you. Btw, I could really use that Cuisinart. LOL! I’ve got to put some big hints out there for the family. 🙂


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