On her 21st birthday, Cate Flores finds the courage to flee her life with nothing but a trash bag of belongings and a black eye.

A help-wanted ad brings her to the Coastal Wildlife Rescue Center on Gull Island, where her dream of training to be a veterinarian seems possible. She’s finally found a safe place that feels like home, and the people there become family. Life couldn’t be better… and then on a warm September night, she disappears, never to be seen or heard from again.

Four years later, journalist Frankie O’Farrell—who’s hiding from her own demons—arrives on Gull Island to do a story on the rescue center. While looking through photo albums, she spots one of Cate and is immediately taken with the pure joy radiating from the girl. When told about Cate’s disappearance, Frankie becomes obsessed with figuring out what happened. But someone doesn’t want her to find Cate.

As the investigation brings Frankie closer to the truth, she receives threats to her life. Can she face her own devastating secret and risk everything to uncover the secret someone is desperate to keep buried?





2 thoughts on “NEW MYSTERY RELEASE!

    1. Shannon Esposito Post author

      Well, when I was nine my best friend’s older sister was abducted from our road and murdered by a serial killer. We also had a serial killer in our neighborhood when we lived in Palm Bay, John Crutchley, the “vampire rapist”. So, I think a lot of my interest in writing about killers is about controlling the ending to these stories. It’s like therapy… but cheaper. 🙂


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