Strange New Feet: A Science Thriller

Strange New Feet: A Science Thriller

Series: DNA Series, Book 2
Genre: Mystery

"A beautifully written book... I would recommend this book highly!" -Roxanne

"The whole ethical dilemma of how to define 'human' was fascinating..." -bothellbuyer, WA

"A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking read!" -Pamela Redman

One scientist has crossed the line. One question must now be answered...

What exactly does it mean to be human?

Safia Raine, a pattern recognition expert, realizes there's something strange about the little girl admitted to her hospital. When the truth is discovered, scientists and politicians scramble to protect the human race from what they deem a biological threat.

To save the girl, Safia must risk her life and prove to the world she is human.

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